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Vienna is a favorite among the worlds conference cities. If you plan to attend IFSW2019 take a little additional time to discover and to enjoy the cities specials!

We want to show you some hints and important links.

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Take an alternative perspective!

Special Tours to special locations in Vienna

We hope you find something that arouses your curiosity and makes your stay in Vienna unique!

Secret Special Tours

Exceptional Vienna Tours

Third Man Tour and the Vienna Underground, Jewish Vienna, Second District – the Center of Jewish Vienna, the offers you find HERE!

Shades Tours: about the dark sides of the city, the guides are people who experienced the dark sides themselves. you will gain a completely different perspective to:

Poverty and Homelessness

Refuge and Integration



In case the worst should happen, here are the most important telephone numbers in Vienna.

Fire service: 122
Police: 133
Ambulance / rescue: tel. 144
Emergency doctor: tel. 141
European emergency: tel. 112
ViennaMed doctor’s hotline for visitors (0-24): tel. +43-1-513 95 95
Evening and weekend dental service (taped service): tel. +43-1-512 20 78
Evening and Sunday drugstores (0-24): tel. 1455