IFSW 2019

IFSW European Conference in Vienna

The Austrian Association of Social Work obds welcomes you andinvites you to attend the conference in Vienna in September 2019!

For obds it is a very special year since obds celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the founding of the organization in March 1919 in Vienna.

Back then and even today we live in very uncertain and agitated times, times of  radical changes allover. Social work has to play an important role accompanying and careing for the people, to safeguard social protection and human dignity.

The conference program will offer some new choices to enhance the cone to practice in social work and to heighten the attractivity for social work practitioners to register for the conference. Numerous workshops will take place in institutions who offer social work and have direct contact with consumers and clients of social work.

This the LINK to the PROGRAM  (will be actualized regularly)

This the LINK to ORGANIZING TEAM of the Conference


Welcome Message of President of  IFSW-Europe e.V. Ana Radulescu



Welcome Message of President of the Austrian Association of Social Work – obds, Mr.  Alois Pölzl

Dear Colleagues,

We, the Board of OBDS, are looking forward to welcoming you to the 2019 IFSW European Conference in Vienna. 

Its motto is “Social Protection and Human Dignity”, and it points out that political changes are challenging both our profession and our societies. Colleagues from all over Europe will get together in Vienna for a lively exchange of views and fruitful discussions. Social work will stand up for a society that pays respect to every single person and struggles for inner cohesion and supportive communities. 

Main impulses will arise from the Plenary Sessions at the beginning and at the end of the Conference. Keynotes and Paper Sessions at the main venue will reflect the broad spectrum of social work. A Students Congress embedded in the Conference, will be taking place at the local University of Applied Sciences. 

Of course, we will show you Vienna, our wonderful city, but we will also guide you to the places where social work is provided and practiced. There, we will obtain expert lectures and hold discussions to respond to the challenges in question and to find professional answers at 21st century level. 

You will find ample opportunities for personal interaction and cultural enrichment throughout the city and during the Conference´s social program. 

The preparatory team and the Board of OBDS are wishing you every success in your day-to-day work anywhere in Europe – or elsewhere in the world. And we will give a warm welcome to all of you then in Vienna, in September 2019 – which is where history meets the future.


DSA Mag. Alois Pölzl

Chair of OBDS and team