Call for Abstracts

We invite you to submit your abstract for the IFSW- Europe Conference Vienna 2019!

Abstract Topics

The conference theme is Social Protection & Human Dignity. The focus of all symposia, seminars, workshops and presentations should be related to this theme.

The structure of the conference programme has 8 thematic areas:

  1. Human Dignity and Human Rights
    • Participation
    • Social (Racial) Profiling
    • (Ethnic) Minorities
    • Social Exclusion
  2. Social Protection
    • Basic Income Models
    • Social Protection Floor
    • Aging
    • Dismantle of Social Welfare State
  3. Poverty Reduction and Living Conditions
    • Working Poor
    • Housing
    • Access to Labour Market
    • Strategies and “Micro”-Projects
  4. Migration
    • Legal/Illegal Migration
    • Forced Migration/Human Trafficking
    • Refugees and Asylum Seekers
    • Social Integration Programmes
  5. Health
    • Social Health
    • Stresses and Strains
    • Substance Abuse
    • Resilience
  6. Social Work Based Services
    • Transnational/Cross Border Case Work
    • Emergency Services
    • Social Rehabilitation
  7. “Clash of Cultures”
    • Conflicting Norms and Values
    • LGBTI
  8. Professionalisation
    • Basic Values and “New” Ethics
    • Education and Training
    • Standards
    • Professional Representation and Self Organisation

Type of Presentation

  1. Paper Presentation
    15 minutes including questions and discussion 
  2. Workshop
    90 minutes; most workshops will take place at the premises of a service provider in Vienna and participation of service users will be encouraged. Workshops shall focus on exchange of practitioner’s experiences
  3. Symposium
    3 hours thematic session; Symposia will focus on a thematic area and include different inputs and presentations (panel discussions, presentations,…)

Guidelines and Selection Criteria

  • Abstracts are accepted only in electronic form.
  • The text may not exceed 3000 characters (including spaces).
  • Please relate your presentation to one of the 8 thematic areas.
  • The selection of abstracts will be made following these priorities:
  • Relevance to the conference themes
  • Relevance to social work practice
  • Focus on innovative models for social work practice and introduction of new and/or successful strategies is an asset

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Equipment for PowerPoint Presentation and Flipchart will be provided
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Thank you for all of your submissions!
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