Call for Abstracts

We invite you to submit your abstract for the IFSW- Europe Conference Vienna 2019!

  • Abstract submission system will be open by Mid-November 2018
  • Abstract submission deadline by end of March 2019
  • Abstract notifications will be sent out in May  2019.


Please read this information carefully before proceeding to the online submission form. 


The conference theme is

Social Protection & Human Dignity.

The focus of all symposia, seminars, workshops and presentation should be related to Social Protection  & Human Dignity.


The following key aspects should guide all contributions and be covered intensively:

European Social Politics – Social Pillar of the EU
Which relevance has the development of a social European Union

Basic Living Conditions – Social Welfare State
Basic Needs, alternatives to social aid, basic income and discussion about innovative models and projects

Migration, Refugees
Interrelationship of migration and welfare state, neoliberal economics, war, poverty and refugees

Community Services
Role of Social work for the future of marginalized people in times of fast reduction of social welfare, the role of civil society and NGOs in counseling and support, fighting against populism, discrimination,racism and radicalization.

People with disabilities, marginalized groups and minorities
The role of social work in maintaining and protecting quality, sustainability and ethical principles

Fundamental Rights  – Human Rights
The standing of values and ethics in times when the state withdraws from its responsibility to care for wellbeing of the people,  access to rights, defending human rights, practical advice for social workers.

          2. PRESENTATIONS

We are accepting abstracts for:

Oral presentations, Poster, Workshops, seminars and symposia. Please read the instructions thoroughly!

All presentations and abstracts will have to follow strict criteria: 

  • relvance to the conference theme Social Protection & Human Dignity 
  • relevance to practice of social work
  • relevance to the above mentioned main aspects for abstracts

Contributions that will not have any connex to the criteria will be rejected!

Your emphasis for the abstracts should be focused on

  • future vision
  • interesting and successful strategies
  • new methods

Abstract form:

Oral presentations:

Oral presentations should be no longer than 10 minutes, 10 minutes for questions and discussion.

So there will be 3 oral presentations within one hour!

Please insert the text of the abstract into the abstract form.

We ask you to follow the following content: introduction, theme, new aspects, practice relevance,

Text should be no longer than 5000 signs, please submit your abstract within the given period!

Poster presentations:

The size of the poster should be no bigger than DIN A0 – measuring: 

841 mm X 1189 mm

33,11 inch X 46,81 inch


Workshops will be held in smaller groups up to 25 people maximum, workshops last for 40 minutes, a short introduction should be given, the main aspect is the participation of the interested colleagues, focusing on special topics and giving time for discussing the results. If you need technical help please do let us know on the abstract form. All other items needed you provide yourself. You are free to find a partner for the workshop.

Seminars or Symposia

Seminars or Symposia should be organized in cooperation with partners, partners from your practice field, international partners, binational groups are possible. Seminars or Symposia will last for 1: 30 hour or 90 minutes, minimum time. It will be possible to double the time for symposia covering wide or challenging topics and about 50 -100 people attending. Important is to submit with your abstract the cooperating partners and the about number of people attending (estimation). This information is important to choose the apt room and making the event possible. Dont forget to submit the technical equipment needed.


Please read the guidelines intensively before filling in the Abstract submission form!

What is important for abstract submission and makes your abstract liable to be chosen:

1.1 Relevance to the conference themes

1.2 Relevance to social work practice

1.3 Please do not forget assign your abstract to a certain themes group

2.1 Abstracts which present and discuss future models for social work practice will be preferred

2.2 Abstracts which introduce new and/or successful strategies and methods will be preferred

2.3 Important is to give your abstract the required form – introduction, main theme, which aspect is most important, relevance to future and the connex with a special conference theme

3.1 Please use solely the online abstract submission form – LINK, (abstracts in paper form or sent by postal mail will not be accepted!)

3.2 Your abstract has to contain between 50 and 5000 signs, intervals and spaces included

3.4 Abstracts can only be submitted in ENGLISH, no exceptions  tolerated!

3.5 Abtracts have to submit all necessary dates, addresses and contacts, email, phone etc.

3.6 Submission of abstracts works best with the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 5.0 or higher, Chrome 16 or higher, Safari 11.0 or higher

3.7 Please follow these instructions. After submission of an abstract you will receive a confirmation email and a personal number. In all communications please use this number to refer to your abstract!

        4. ONLINE Abstract Submission FORM


For any further questions please contact: