Students Day

10 September 9:00-16:30
FH Campus Vienna 

Favoritenstraße 226, 1100 Vienna

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Students Day – leaflet


How can we promote Human Dignity and foster social Protection?

This is the overall-question for the IFSW Students Day.

Take the chance and bring your topic of interest to our open space!
We tell you below…


Ana Radulescu (President of IFSW) and Alois Pölzl (Chair of OBDS) 
Josef Bakic and Brigitta Zierer (Department of Social Work, FH Campus Vienna)
Doris Stephan (lecturer, FH Campus Wien) and Stephanie Steyrer (Wir Zusammen, pioneers of change) will guide you through the day.

Keynotes and Inputs


Human Dignity and Social Protection
Erich Fenninger – CEO of Volkshilfe



Challenges for Social Work as a Human Rights Profession
Ana Radulescu, President of IFSW


Suicidality in the World Wide Web
Christian Heiling, Verena Hrdlicka, Ruth Perfler, Joachim Schmid, students of FH Campus Vienna give you an introduction to their studies

Finally at 17:00 Social Work Cabaret
HOMO A-SOCIALIS“ Future in Social Work
(Stefan Trenker & Alois Huber) In German Language
Two courageous social workers travel the year 2039 for an insight into the possible future of social work.

Open Space

Before lunch-break you will be introduced to the powerful method of “open space”. Open space is a kind of idea-workshop and aims that you learn about what you are interested in, together with likeminded people in a self-organized process. A market place will be held to see, share and exchange which topics are already in your minds. But maybe there also emerged new topics of interest while listenening to the previous talks. Feel free to add them!

After lunch you can choose a topic and join a group or host a topic yourself. For your open space work we will provide different breakout-rooms. This process of open space is self-determined and self-responsible.

4 Principles of open space

  1. Whoever comes to the open space is the right people. You learn within your group from eachother
  2. Let the ideas flow – whenever it starts, it starts
  3. When its´over, it´s over… you can move on to the next group
  4. Whatever happens, is the only thing that can happen – expect to be surprised by the wisdom of the Group

By the end of the day we will all gather again and have a harvest time where we collect and share what was going on in the Groups

The law of two feet plus butterflies & bees

Law of two feet … if during the group work process any person finds themselves in a situation where they are neither learning nor contributing, they can go to some more productive place.

Butterflies …hang out, maybe drinking tea, and don’t appear to do much. However they may just be involved with the most important discussions of the day 😉

Bees … flutter from conversation to conversation, bring new ideas, and fresh eyes to the Group

How to register

If you are Student and you want to attend only the “Students Day” you are free of charge; no lunch included

If you register for the Main Conference, you can choose the “Students Day” as one of the Dislocated Workshops. Favorable Fees for Students are provided.

The list has been closed due to limited attendance.